With a purposeful nod to my favorite Beatles’ song, here I will try to mention periodically an interesting experience I have had as a Fulbright Scholar. I will also take a moment to mention trivia about “A Day in the Life.” February 5, 2013: February 4, 2013: During a visit to the Children’s Ombudsperson’s Office, […]

Hosts: Reykjavik University Jóna K. Kristinsdóttir is the Administrative Director of the Law School of Reykjavik University. Before I even stepped foot on campus, Jóna made sure my transition to teaching at and visiting the Law School would go smoothly. Since arriving, Jóna has provided tremendous help and guidance in all sorts of ways about […]

Children’s Rights Index: With funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation, we are developing the Children’s Rights Index, a measure of young people’s formal rights. Our goal is to measure children’ s rights for nearly every country over five-increments from 1984 to 2009. http://www.case.edu/artsci/soci/Gran/documents/ComparingChildrensRightsIntroducingtheChildrensRightsIndex.pdf Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights: With David Brunsma and Keri Iyall […]

Lamb: On my first full day in Reykjavik, Belinda Theriault, Executive Director of the Iceland Fulbright Commission, took me to the 101 Restaurant and Bar, a bistro in the Capital Region (www.101hotel.is). I enjoyed filet of lamb “Provencal” with Ratatouille and almond potatoes, which was delicious and a fantastic start to Reykjavik culinary experiences. Hot […]

Harpa (http://en.harpa.is/): Two blocks from the apartment where I am staying is Harpa. Harpa is Reykjavik’s concert hall is the home of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Iceland Opera, the Reykjavik Big Band, and something called Maximus Musicus. Besides being home to such fantastic institutions, Harpa is a fascinating architectural structure. Here are photos of […]

Patrick Ryan Frank is a poet who is teaching Creative Writing to students of the University of Iceland. He took me under his wing the second day I arrived in Reykjavik and is sharing his experiences and accumulated wisdom of life in Iceland. Patrick’s book, How the Losers Love What’s Lost, won the Four Way Books […]

I am undertaking two research projects. The first project is part of a bigger study on independent children’s rights institutions (ICRI), often called children’s ombudspersons and children’s commissioners. For this project, I am conducting a case study of Iceland’s Office of the Ombudsman for Children to learn how an ICRI can and will implement children’s […]